WALL INSULATION: Sandwich walls with high thermal-acoustic insulation, finished with washable plaster (“C" class energy, upon request “A" or “B" class – OPTIONAL).
ROOF: Sandwich ceiling with high thermal-acoustic insulation ((“C" class energy, upon request “A" or “B" class – OPTIONAL), guaranteed for snow load, walk-on roof on request (OPTIONAL).
BATHROOMS: Walls covered with ceramics (wide choice of sizes and shades), design shower trays, sanitary ware with Geberit (OPTIONAL suspended, on request) and made in Italy bathroom fittings.
FIRE SYSTEM: Possibility of installation with water sprinkler (OPTIONAL).
DESIGN: Furniture with melamine doors (wide choice of shades, on request, also in laminate or solid wood OPTIONAL).
PERIMETER EDGE: Closure of the perimeter chassis with CDF panels and/or plated laminate ones (OPTIONAL).
FIXTURES: PVC window frames with made-in-Italy insulated glazing (OPTIONAL low emissive glass, on request).
FLOORS: Stoneware flooring with made-in-Italy ceramics (wide choice of sizes and shades).
HARDNESS: Full-galvanized-iron chassis with a 18-mm-phenol plywood platform. Galvanized-iron levelling supports included.
SYSTEMS: Embedded systems (electric with corrugated pipe and separate lines).
*Accessibility: design of mobile homes for disabled people (OPTIONAL).



Environmental protection, pollution prevention, compliance with legislative provisions, which implement environmental matters, are the key elements of our business strategy. Our respect for the Planet starts as soon as we enter the room and turn on the lights, since we use energy from our photovoltaic system.

Quality Made in Italy

For our homes we only want the best of Made in Italy: stoneware and ceramic flooring, embedded systems, PVC window frames with glass-chamber, galvanized iron chassis with a 18mm-multilayer platform, sandwich walls with high thermo-acoustic insulation, wall cladding with traditional washable plasters.

Global assistance

People choosing VPF Mobile Homes benefit from a very important service we name “global assistance" since our well-structured organization allows us to carry out any repairs directly on spot, at any time of the year, thanks to the emergency response teams of specialists who are fully operational in any repairs our customers require.

360° security

Our homes are designed and built in compliance with the certified quality management system UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI-EN 1647:2012 European standard to guarantee the safety and health of the people using them. We pay attention on: emergency exits, ventilation systems, risk areas surrounding appliances, installation and use of liquid and gaseous fuels.