VPF is always attentive to the needs of its customers and with the new SPA Emotion it does it in a new way.
EMOTION offers effective and innovative treatments and wellness programs to those who love relaxation and personal care.
From the swimming pool, to the sauna up to the Turkish bath and herbal tea corner, to then relax inside with a toning treatment or massage and numerous benefits to restore body and spirit, Emotion offers an ancient art to eliminate fatigue, relieve pain, relax and tone your body.
VPF knows well that to feel good you need to dedicate yourself with great care without ever neglecting any detail, and this is how the new SPA was developed, attentive to all the details.

Mobile Spa Technical Description

Each module (from 2.55 m to 4.10 m Max) develops an area up to mq. 34.00 approximately, with the possibility of assembling more modules.

The hardiness of the modules is due to the 100% galvanized iron chassis with an 18mm-phenol multilayer floor (including galvanized iron levelling supports).

Ad hoc solutions, construction of custom-made Prefabricated Wellness Center (also on projects provided by the customers themselves).

The finishes are treated in detail, based on traditional houses together with continuous updating of products according to the latest trends.

The external walls and partition walls are made with “sandwich” panels in order to ensure high thermal and acoustic insulation (compliance with the regulations currently in force – D.M.26 June 2015).

Roofing is a “sandwich” roof with high thermal-acoustic insulation, guaranteed for snow load, walk-on roof on request (OPTIONAL).

The perimeter edge, that is the closure of the perimeter Chassis is made with CDF and plated laminate panels (OPTIONAL).

Stoneware flooring with made in Italy ceramics (wide choice as for sizes and shades).

PVC frames with insulated glazing and tilt-and-turn openings exclusively made in Italy (low emissive glass on request OPTIONAL).

The embedded water system is made with multilayer type pipe, partly recessed in the vertical wall and partly under ground track, complete with all the fittings and special pieces.

The embedded sewage system is made with PVC pipe, with the possibility of draining everything into a chemical tank.

The embedded electrical system, in compliance with the regulations in force, is made with corrugated pipes and separate lines. On request 220V or 380V line.
All systems are equipped with external connections for subsequent connections (by the Customer).

Equipment included and easily replaceable, health and hygiene standards fully met, eco-compatibility thanks to the use of recyclable materials, and finally the meticulous customization of the project, without underestimating the design.

Warranty: 2 years.

Fire system: possibility of water sprinkler installation (OPTIONAL).

For the rental of your Mobile Spa, write an mail